- Dom -

Dominic is the main DJ within Dom's Discos. Dominic has spent years studying Music, music production and creative music technology, recently being awarded an Honours degree.

His love for music came from a really young age. Originally a drummer, Dominic took up music production and following that, got into DJ'ing. 


He enjoys all types of music from all decades, especially house, garage and club classics.

However, he is well known to play the modern chart hits and cheese too! 

Aswell as DJ'ing, Dominic can spend hours or even days carefully preparing each individual event.

He has the skills to be able to recognize any problems and adapt the set and keep things moving. 

(That includes your feet!)

- Briony -

Briony is the secondary DJ. She is at the front of the entertainment and provides excellent interaction with the children at children's birthday parties by taking charge of party games and also encouraging the children to dance. 
Briony has received praise from many people while being the other half of the company. 

As well as entertaining, Briony is able to DJ at a high standard and is equipped with the skills and musical knowledge to pull off a successful event regardless of the size and get the audience on their feet dancing!

Briony also has the skills required to be able 'read' the dancefloor and has the ability the change genres with ease.


She enjoys playing all styles of music, especially chart music, club classics and cheese! 

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