Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you need to set up and pack away?
We do ask for a minimum of 1 Hour to set up. This gives us enough time to set up properly and carefully without being rushed and ensure cables are tidied away and the workspace is safe. However, if the venue is upstairs or isn't easy to access, we will require extra time. 

For packing away, this normally take a little less time, so we would require 30-45 minutes minimum.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?
We ask for a deposit to show commitment to the booking. If you later cancel, this deposit is non refundable. A booking is only considered firm upon receipt of the deposit.

When and how do I pay?

IPayable either in advance or at the beginning of the night.

Can we use your microphones?
Yes, feel free to ask us throughout the disco if you require saying a few words. 
However, we will not hand microphones out for people to sing.

We do ask that you treat the equipment with care.

I have a friend who is a DJ. Can They have a go? 
Unfortunately not. Our Public Liability Insurance only covers us to use the equipment. However, they can request any song they wish to hear and we will ensure the song is played.

What Contingency Plans Do You Have In Place When Things Go Wrong?
Its a fact of life that things go wrong, but we try very hard to make sure it doesn't stop the event.
We use active speakers. This means the amplifier is build into the speaker unit itself. 
Therefore if an amp did fail, it would only effect one speaker, so the show can continue with the other.
Aswell as this, we have back up music sources that can be plugged into the back of a speaker, if our computer failed so the music could still continue.

How many power points do you need and will I have to provide anything?
Two 13amp power points are preferable, within 5 metres of the set up area. We do carry extension leads, so this is rarely a problem – If the event is a children's party, all we ask you to supply is a prize for if/when we play pass the parcel. Small bags of sweets will be handed out as prizes for winners of each of the games, however if you wanted to supply proper prizes, please bring these.

Are you approachable on the night of the party?

Yes, we are both very approachable.
Feel free to come and chat to us if you have any questions or if you just fancy a chat. 
We are also happy to take requests on the night, if we don't have your request we will offer a similar track or song by the artist.

Can we get written confirmation of our booking?

Yes. We can send booking confirmation as soon as we have received confirmation that you would like to book with us.

* We've tried to cover the most frequently asked questions here but if we have missed anything, then please ask us! *

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